VPN - A Brief Overview

The phenomenon of VPN started off as a solution for corporate businesses and organizations which have their offices and employees spear all over the world. It securely linked all remote users to the main office in such a way as if they were physically sitting there. This helped them in securely accessing their corporate data and hence keeping them linked with their offices 24/7.

Just like a lot of other technologies, VPN evolved with the passage of time as various usages of VPN were identified and discovered. Personal VPN providers came into the market offering VPN services to individuals rather than organizations. Individuals, initially, started utilizing it for the purpose of Security, Privacy and Anonymity while, later, it became famous due to its remarkable feature of allowing the individuals to access geographically restricted websites. All these features make it a very important and useful tool to have for the internet users.

Advantages of VPN

Let’s discuss some of the advantages that it holds for internet users:

  • It allows you to unblock websites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. These and various other websites are restricted in countries like China, Iran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more. These countries impose restrictions on its internet users by evading access to websites which it feels can harm them or their interest. This is why the number of VPN services used is increasing in countries where government applies Internet censorship on its internet users.
  • It provides an extra layer of security by applying encryption techniques. It can be viewed as a tunnel through which each data packet travels. No one from outside that tunnel can view what’s inside.
  • The number of people using WiFi hotspots to access the internet is increasing day by day. However, most of these users do not realize that WiFi is NOT AT ALL secure. Any hacker, scammer or unwanted individual can easily breach into the connection and get hold of your sensitive personal information because there is no encryption taking place. A reliable VPN connection allows you to connect securely with Wi Fi hotspot.
  • You can easily unblock VOIP Applications e.g. Skype. This feature becomes very important for the internet users in some countries like UAE where VOIP services are blocked. If you don't use VPN you can not use VOIP service in UAE. If you compare VPN to web proxies or software which hides IP, the edge that VPN has over these two is that it allows its users to access both websites and web applications.
  • It allows you to bypass geographical restrictions applied on certain websites like Hulu, Netflix etc. These websites are only available for the residents of US and the rest are denied access to these websites. If you are located outside USA and you want to access these websites then VPN service is the only solution for you.
  • When you connect through VPN, it allocates your system a server generated IP which means your real IP will become hidden. Thus it provides its users with complete anonymity by hiding their real IP addresses.
  • It allows you to safely use P2P applications and torrent to download your favorite stuff online. A quality VPN prevents your ISP from speed capping P2P and torrent traffic, hence giving you the liberty to utilize the network to the fullest.

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