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 Surrounded by the most visited websites in the world, YouTube is also in the top of most blocked or censored video streaming website. Countries like China, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia or Germany block YouTube partially orcompletely, for reasons related to copyright or religious, political and social views. It is also not unusual for schools or workplaces to ban access to YouTube website. How many times have you aimed to watch a YouTube video, only to get a screen showing the message "This video is not available in your country"?

Your IP address specifies a lot of things about your internet connection including your geographical position. With Best Youtube VPN you can hide your IP address. This way you gain access to any type of content you want whereas your online identity is hidden and your personal dataprotected.

Below is the list of Best VPN to Unblock Youtube Videos.


Rank Provider Price As Low As Overall Rating More Info
HideMyass VPN Review
$6.56 Visit Site
PIA VPN Review
$6.95 Visit Site
PureVPN Review
$9.95 Visit Site
Express VPN Review 2016
$12.95 Visit Site
IPvanish VPN Review 2016
$10 Visit Site

Why You Should Use VPN for Unblock YouTube

Access to websites such as YouTube is often blocked at many school and corporate offices. If you chance to be traveling abroad, the country that you are visiting may block certain content, videos streaming and sites because of censorship and government policies.
On the other hand, by using a VPN service such as VPN to unblock youtube, you can easily bypass internet filters set by your school or your office network administrator or etc...

The above suggested VPN services are the ultimate YouTube unblocker. In addition to unblocking YouTube, you can use above VPN service provider to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix or gaming sites from everywhere in the world.


Search Affordable VPN Service Provider

Looking for cheap and affordable VPN service, you have come across the right vpn review webpage. VPNPaid.com recommends the best cheap and affordable VPN service providers. Top VPNs Providers are based on their prices, packages and performances. VPN Services also bypass geo-restrictions on websites and streaming services.

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