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Top 10 Paid VPN service reviews. Unblock Facebook,Youtube,Twitter in China,UAE and more. Take a look at our list of Best VPN Services and take advantage of special pricing offered.

A VPN or virtual private network provides an added layer of Internet security, which allows user to peruse the internet generously, securely access business files remotely, and VPN users can access video streaming shows and music online worldwide, without the panic of compromising their sensitive and private data. VPN usage is growing rapidly as more and more people across the world are choosing to encrypt and secure their online sessions and internet browsing.

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HideMyass VPN Review
$6.56 Visit Site
PIA VPN Review
$6.95 Visit Site
IbVPN Review
$4.95 Visit Site
PureVPN Review
$9.95 Visit Site
Express VPN Review 2016
$12.95 Visit Site
IPvanish VPN Review 2016
$10 Visit Site
$4.99 Visit Site
$6.95 Visit Site
$29.95 Visit Site
TotalVPN Review 2016
$4.99 Visit Site

Why use a VPN?

Condition of anonymity

Each Internet user gets over his Internet provider a IP address assigned when it connects to the Internet. Using this IP address, the user can be clearly identified. By using a VPN connection these unique identifiability falls almost gone. It is only the IP address of the used VPN provider "visible", a traceback of the IP address takes only the VPN provider . Thus, for example, is no longer "useful" possible merging of tracking data based on IP addresses. VPN provider, thereby protecting the privacy and allow the desire for anonymity in legal use of the Internet.

Safe surfing on the use of public wireless hotspots

By surfing with a VPN connection , you are also safe when using public wifi hotspots (public wireless Internet access points). In general, these are without appropriate precautions rather a security risk because procure foreign access to the data of your Verbidnung and thus could steal your passwords, chat content, online banking data, etc.. The use of a VPN prevented by encrypting the data, access by third parties on these sensitive content.

Freedom while surfing, no geographical boundaries by geo-blocking

There are many websites on the Internet that allow access only for surfers from certain countries. Surfers from blocked countries have shown no access to the sites and get appropriate messages. Blocking is done by evaluating the IP address of the user, as this can be clearly linked to the countries of origin. This type of blocking of websites / website content is also geo-blocking named. With a VPN connection, you receive a new IP address druch the VPN provider.
This IP address is associated with the used VPN server location . For example, choose a VPN provider with a VPN server in the US, get a US IP address. The attached surfed page you now classifies as a traveler from the United States. Websites and web page content, which were not previously available, as they are only available to US citizens, can now be surfed and used by you through this VPN connection.

Security through a virtual firewall

Many attacks on local PCs or home networks are carried out directly on the assigned IP address. When using a VPN provider, the attacker sees only the IP address of the VPN provider, whereby a potential attack then is directed against them and not against the home PC or the VPN user's home network. The VPN provider is thus simultaneously a kind of "virtual firewall". The VPN server of VPN providers are complex and extensively protected against any type of attack. Nevertheless belongs own security software, even when using a VPN provider, the basic equipment of your PC and / or the own home network. A VPN provider is not a substitute for the security software!

Connect to Top VPN service to anonymously encrypt your internet activity from snooping eyes. All applications on your computer that make use of your internet connection will become anonymous; no technical experience is required.


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