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Among VPN service providers, a brand new name is emerging from the horizon that is TOTAL VPN which is growing at really a fast rate as compare to its competitors. They are giving tough time to giants and have large services in different regards. Their service is really surprising when you get to know. Just like other VPN providers, they hide the IP address and let you freely roam any site you want without being hit by hackers or agencies which can steal your precious data.

Features with Price:

Simple yet elegant in their pricing system, users just have to choose from two options that is either Free or Paid, that`s it. The Free version is here to test the service because it has some really cruel and harsh restrictions like user can’t connect to more than 3 locations. Limits are imposed on bandwidth and data transfer and can connect to only one active device.

If you want to purchase it, you need to pay just $6.95 per month. There in paid service, you have 30+ locations globally at the moment and no restrictions on data bandwidth or transfer. Given a proxy service and 3 connections at once and that’s it. There is no long term plan, just its either free or monthly package and nothing else.

Amazing this is that they are young and still have so many servers around the globe including US, Europe, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Africa. Another thing that is really attractive is that they have included all the services which a competent VPN provider must have.
Just along with all the tools they provide for maintaining a good service, they have latest encryption algorithms to ensure users data is not touch by anyone as it moves from user`s PC to VPN server. They have PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and IkeV2 connection options. Often there is a problem in servers but it is in small location servers not on the large scale. That is often happened with other service provider that servers are down often but that is not really a big issue.

These connection options have become a norm and now emphasizing themselves to offer these fantastic connection options. What we think is that Users must avoid PPTP connection provided by them because it delivers weak encryption and it often can be cracked.

Privacy with Security:

When we think about the security services from Total VPN, there is a decent touch in it. PPTP, Open VPN or L2TP/IPSec is the good options you get in fair price which cover every need of an enterprise and an individual. Only thing to concern is 128-bit encryption is offered on PPTP and 256-bit is just supplied over all other encryption options.

Also, specific type of logs are monitored which is common thing among many VPN providers. Little amount of information is always tracked like account details or email, login cookies or user credentials are the few names we like to tell.

There is really nothing to worry about because when internet traffic is in VPN tunnel there is really nothing to worry about that your information can be fetched by anyone or anyone could see your information. A great care is taken in order to safe user privacy. It would be really shameful for any security company to lose its data and gone into wrong hands like hackers.

Over all the service is really great with nice connection protocols. Their policies are acceptable and very typical. One thing we really don’t like is the comply with law enforcement for reservation.


We ran the speed test on ADSL internet connection with 5Mbps speed and 1Mbps of upload, so we like to define few parameters before dig into result. When I connect to the Hong Kong server, I did it on standard speed with nice ping to Google`s DNS server latency track. Results are as follows:
  1. Downloading : 4.55Mbps
  2. Uploading: 1.93Mbps
  3. Server Ping : 56ms
  4. Google DNS Ping: 88ms (appox)
They are really a good VPN with good speed but not far from the worst too. We streamed some YouTube videos in order to further test the connection strength and that worked more than our expectations. We really didn’t wait enough for video to get streamed.

Customer Support:

Well the fact is... they have a really a great customer support which is an issue with other VPN providers, not all but most of them out of the few and they actually have it. It worked fine but often issue rose so we didn’t face any. Like other providers of VPN, they have live chat feature, telephone support and email to send the concern quarries. Users can also request service through email.
Overall we are really satisfied with the service they are providing along with very decent packages.


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