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StrongVPN has 20+ servers. If you are in the market for a VPN account, you have come to the right place. StrongVPN has been providing Internet Services for a very long time, and understand what it takes to provide a customer a quality product.  started as a small company in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 selling PC computers. After a short time we begin offering dial up Internet Services for the local area. Soon after that we offered Dedicated Servers and collocation services. This facility offered us an ideal location for bandwidth capacity, peering and growth.
In many VPN provider  StrongVPN is very  high-profile, and popular.  It has a known reputation for being aggressive towards file sharers. A lack of transparency over technical security, combined with reluctance to discuss details  also  left us cold. Were the service a budget offering we would recommend avoiding as we do not consider it fit for purpose, but StrongVPN is also the most expensive  provider that we have ever reviewed.

StrongVPn/Pricing and Features

Strong VPn  Offer Value is   $12 per month . When we say expensive, we do mean expensive. 
provider allows you unlimited server switches (usually to any of its servers), PPTP IP addresses are dynamic, while all OpenVPN ones are static. This is, to be frank,  means that uniquely tying a user to activity on the web would be a trivial matter for anyone who can be bothered to do so. Any VPN provider worth its salt uses shared IP’s, making it very difficult to identify any individual user sharing that address with any online activity. StrongVPN offers a DNS package for $4 month . If all you are after is to access Geo-restricted content then this is reasonable deal, and is a much better plan than using PPTP for anything. It is also possible to buy pre-flashed and configured DD-WRT routers direct from StrongVPN. These are a great way to get every internet enabled device in your household connected to one VPN connection.This brings us on to how many devices can be connected at once, and unfortunately  the answer is just one. One good thing about StrongVPN is that it has a number of mirror sites, and we have heard positive things about its availability from China.
StrongVPn/ website and customer service

The StrongVPN website sounds good. It is easy to navigate and find what information is available, and the website makes a good job of explaining VPN and why you want  which reinforces the impression of professionalism, and gives a very international flair to the website.  It definitely pushes customers towards its PPTP services, which we believe should be avoided like the plague (except on older devices which only support PPTP), which is a very shoddy attitude for a company supposedly dedicated to providing privacy.


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