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PureVPN/ Introduction

Purevpn has 50+ servers located in 18 countries.They have 2 distinct plans.– Standard, Unlimited, PureGold. All plans are very simple with all countries and protocols supported. Purevpn.com is VPN services provider, offers secure virtual private network connection setup and anonymity for personal use.
PureVPN Started in November 2006 as an experimental service providing online security against data sniffers plus targeting regions where internet was censored and access to websites and VOIP was restricted. Pre-launch went successful with people enjoying unblocking websites and VOIP calls....


VPNPaid.com provides the best vpn services. Now it’s very easy to navigate website. By a money-back guarantee, 10,000 customers and 24/7 support too much to make you feel that you are in the presence of a truly professional VPN provider. Thankfully, the service lives up to the image, with great speeds and great software. If you are searching for the best VPN service and are prepared to pay for it, then look no further.

PureVPN gives a distinct feeling of quality. Although there is initially a lot to digest when visiting the provider’s website, it’s easy to find out key details about the service.  Add to this the fact that the performance we experienced is as good as we’ve seen from any provider, there’s plenty to recommend PureVPN. While there are a couple of small caveats for those particularly concerned with privacy, PureVPN will suit the vast majority of users and uses. We were very impressed with PureVPN, and suspect you will be too.

PureVPN offers a service that allows almost anyone to have their own private and secure internet connection. Their VPN supports a number of protocols that allows all of your online data and activities to be encrypted using some very secure online technologies. This allows you to surf anonymously and undetected. You can access to sites which may have been blocked to you due to geographic restrictions. The company also offers unrestricted speed across their entire network.

PureVPN/Security and Privacy    

VPNPaid.com offers you complete privacy and security. Refreshingly, it’s really easy to ascertain the technologies that PureVPN use for their service.  Probably the main thing to consider when choosing a VPN service provider is their level of security. Since all of your online activity will be encrypted while using this service, your local ISP will not be able to spy on you or do anything obnoxious like throttle or cap your online speed or data usage. All in all, this is a simple and effective method of adding a reasonable amount of privacy and online security to all your activities. You will even be safe when accessing the internet via public Wi-Fi hot spots. 
PureVPN also provide a detailed privacy policy on their website.  The provider states clearly that they will never release any information about your account usage unless they are required to by law-enforcement personnel. It’s important to note, however, that this isn’t a “zero logging” service, so those who (for whatever reason) prefer to use a totally confidential service will need to find a different provider.

PureVPN/Customer Support:

Vpnpaid.com gives full support to its customer. You should feel free to open up a support ticket or take advantage of the live chat available through the handy button on the bottom right of every page. Not to mention that the site also has a blog and user forums. If all of that fails, there is also a direct email address.

PureVPN prominently advertise the fact they provide 24/7 support, and we’re pleased to report that they live up to this promise. A live chat option is clearly displayed across the website. 
When we put this to the test, we received a full and detailed response to our query within seconds.
PureVPN also offer a support ticketing system, an extensive FAQ section, and a reasonably lively forum. The company is also active on social media and provides an email address for enquiries. The only thing missing is a number for telephone support, but that is a rare thing indeed for VPN service providers.




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