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vpnpaid.com is a  virtual network that offers VPN service all over the world.It helps you to protect your online specification by concealing your IP address,user's information, website history,e-mails, and more. 

Over Play is committed to protecting you and it doesn't matter which of your devices you're using. If you are using Mac, Windows, android, or a custom router, Over Play keep your data secure.Easily you can connect to any country by keeping your privacy. OverPlay offer a choice of two services: SmartDNS unblocks access to websites which would normally be restricted at your location with a simple configuration change or GlobalVPN which will encrypt and secure your internet connection.

Overplay VPN a experimental service providing online security against data sniffers plus targeting regions where internet was censored and access to websites and VOIP was restricted. Pre-launch went successful with people enjoying unblocking websites and VOIP calls....

Overplay is one of the more unprecedented VPN providers in the market nowadays. They are one of the biggest and growing VPN service providers in the world. This helps in giving Overplay the verge when it comes to servicing clients as they can provide faster speeds due to a local presence.                                                                        
Ove rplay is one of the more unconventional VPN providers in the market today. it is one of the fastest growing VPN service
 providers and their strength lies in strong cluster of servers located in 52 countries all across the world. This helps 
in giving Overplay the fringe when it comes to servicing clients as they can provide faster speeds due to a local presence.

Overplay VPN’s Packages and Pricing

Packages offered by a VPN service provider can crucially influence users’ decision to purchase or not to purchase the service.
 additionally, users often seek easy-on-the-wallet VPNs; particularly, first-time users. Hence, in this section of the review,
 we will analyze Overplay VPN’s packages along with their pricing strategy.
Many VPN service providers offer a diverse range of similar package plans. This often confuses the user as he just
 can’t figure out a package that will be the right choice for him. Overplay VPN likes to keep things simple though. 
There are only two packages offered by Overplay VPN: SmartDNS and Global VPN (includes SmartDNS).
This simplistic approach is adopted to facilitate and ease the decision making process of users. Through this simple 
approach, Overplay VPN has clearly targeted two different sets of potential customers. There are many users who use a 
VPN because they are concerned about their privacy and security. However, there is a wedge of users who are not quite 
concerned about privacy and security; for them, the purpose of using a VPN is to simply bypass censorship and 
geo-restrictions preventing them to access the content they seek or websites they prefer.


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