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 IP Vanish has now stepped up its service with other competitors. Not because they have improved speeds and accessibility level, but also dig zero logs policy which helps in gain client favor, which has made its security that extra step better than its competitors over the internet. Of course, IP Vanish Service is one of the top VPN over internet. Loaded with a Tier 1 network of VPNs with servers in 59 countries like the UK and in USA, they have multiple server locations to help deliver some of the best speeds. It’s one of only a few VPNs to VPNs service in more striking countries such as Egypt and Panama.

IP Vanish has a large VPN network that has many options when you are choosing servers based on your geographic location needs. IP Vanish has 180 servers in 59 different locations across the globe. IP Vanish Service also has 25,000 IP addresses that it cycles through to protect your identity for you while when you browse the internet. Let`s jump into the feature IP Vanish is filled with.

IPVanish VPN Features

IP Vanish Service has 3 simple plans to buy
1)     1 year subscription in just 54.59$, say $4.55 per month which save 63%
2)     1 month offer starting $7.00 that save up to 42%
3)     3 months plan in just $18.89 saves you 48%

IP Vanish is currently offering a special promotion with up to 63% off their regular discounted packages.  Also you can save 30% off the first billing step in addition to their normal discounts terms.  IP Vanish offers monthly, quarterly and annual discounts so you enjoy as per your requirement.  Yearly sign ups are the best deal to get. 

IPVanish VPN Payment Method

When you sign up for IP Vanish, you are offered a number of payment options to choose from.  Using PayPal for any online service is the best option one can have for the subscription.  IP Vanish offers PayPal with credit cards options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB and many more to look into their site.  They`re also pleased to offer that recently added bitcoin as a payment option is on the list now

Trial Period

To see the service there’s only one way to make sure IP Vanish Service fits your criteria.  You’ll want to test the service out for yourself in Free Trial Period option available for you.  They know that as well and care you in this way.  They offer a 7 day money back guarantee free package.  If you’re not happy with the service simply cancel in a week to have full refund of your precious money.


IP Vanish consider the privacy and security the utmost thing in their service. It doesn’t matter how fast a service is but if they can’t protect user`s privacy and secure user`s Internet connection what else is left in a good service.  That’s not a problem with IP Vanish because they clearly state their privacy and security policy on the site and provide encryption to secure your online privacy and security.
IP Vanish like to support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols for their service medium.  Their implementation of OpenVPN uses 256-bit encryption which allows for TCP and UDP connection. People usually recommend UDP for the best performance to enjoy the service.  IP Vanish Service uses dynamic IP addresses which helps to ensure user anonymity. There is another feature one must know in terms of securing system and that is that IP Vanish includes a NAT firewall with all accounts to ensure most secure connection.  That’s a feature that most providers don’t support or we say don`t offer in the same package, one must have to buy it in an add-on cost.  The main feature of NAT firewall helps block inbound traffic to protect your system from being attacked and hacked by hackers.
Let`s have few words on its connectivity on Windows VPN and Mac OS VPN client.

Windows Client

When you log into the Windows IP Vanish VPN client, it shows you with a choice of options for choosing a server location as per your location.  When you go to the “Server Selection” tab on the left hand side of the screen then you have the option to select a location using the Map tab to the right of it.  You can also select a number of servers based on reason like “By Use” or view a full roll of servers with different ping times. One should select the default order which is based on ping time. Always remember that lower the ping time in milliseconds (ms) the better you can experience the speed.  For gamers it’s especially significant to have a low ping to reduce latency and lag so they enjoy the ride
You can set these options from the preferences screen:
Save login credentials (username and password)
Set active protocol (OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, L2TP, PPTP or OpenVPN port (443 or 1194)
Connect on Startup options
Minimize to system tray
On the right tab, you can set the IP address that keeps changing on short intervals of time.

Mac Client

IP Vanish Service has a first-rate client for Mac OSX which also supports Tunnelbick but we think there’s no reason to use a third-party app when you have well instead.  IP Vanish client is very easy to use and includes advanced features like kill switch.  Everyone likes clean user interface.  You can select a location from a map based on city, country or response time whatever you prefer.
Other then MAC or Windows you can connect on Android, IPhone or IPad with all the options embed into Windows or Mac client.

DNS Leak Test

Always remember that when you use an IP provider must check that they don`t leak your DNS setting while you are enjoying the internet. Google DNS leak sites to check if they are doing so or not. On IP Vanish Service we haven’t found anything suspicious like that.

IPVanish VPN Review Conclusion

We found IP Vanish Service in our friend list because they are fast reliable. In this price, we have found that managing large number of servers, giving nice speed then others and managing the name in the VPN market. We can`t help in confessing that they are giving unlimited to large number of servers around the world, Dynamic IPs, NAT firewall protection and finally wide range of payment option including the loved one BitCon for your ease.


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