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More than 30 million Netflix users live worldwide where the service is unavailable without the use of location-masking software, giving the company a hefty financial incentive not to crack down on members who use the technological loophole to watch content not authorized for their country.

List of Top 5 Netflix VPN Service and Watch Netflix Anywhere in the World.

Rank Provider Price As Low As Overall Rating More Info
HideMyass VPN Review
$6.56 Visit Site
PIA VPN Review
$6.95 Visit Site
PureVPN Review
$9.95 Visit Site
Express VPN Review 2016
$12.95 Visit Site
IPvanish VPN Review 2016
$10 Visit Site

Stream Netflix with VPN Services

Best VPNs for Netflix fit in seamlessly and allow the Netflix website to remain the control center of your Netflix account. The great popularity has brought millions of users ready and willing to help other users facing problems with their Netflix accounts and their Netflix VPN subscriptions.
Besides the well-stocked Support webpage on the Netflix website, there are support forums, chat groups and Facebook pages loaded with information and fellow Netflix eager to help. And that is nearby the exceptional customer support that Netflix offers.

People living in USA might not know that it Netflix VPN service has limited access to users outside their country. If you are outside USA and you want to access its online content you came across restrictions. Netflix is not even legally available in china also. If you an American and on travel you might have seen or heard that Netflix VPN account has blocked for no reason; there is reason for it, let`s head there.
Netflix has strict care for copyright law, simple is that!  Netflix is a business and they like to please every customer regardless of where they live on the globe. With wide range of TV shows, Movies and specials which has their own distinct copyrights. Netflix wants their shows to be different from country to country. This is the reason studies charges are different for what country shown is being shown. They offer accounts to residents of other countries, also, streaming service are not global also. USA residents have full access to video library which is really large. Users of different countries have far more limited selection for this library. Netflix is the most popular video streaming service over internet. They soared high in such lighting speed they over run the video empires like Blockbuster out of the way in few days.
Till today, they have more than 75 million subscribers and streamed over 42.5 billon hours of content in 2016 alone. Just in last year they have earned 6.53 Billion dollars in profit. They are really ever-present that they have been unblocked form the countries which have blocked them in previous years but things are changing fast and geo-restrictions are falling apart which helps in getting more access to content.
Use VPN to access NetFlix
If you like to access all 7000 shows and movies of Netflix, you need to access through VPN for full experience of their vast library. Only a VPN can make Netflix think you are in USA so it can let you enter in. In disguise, you have changed your IP address which is not seen by NetFlix, so you finally in. VPN means Virtual Private Network which is a service that hides your IP address and cover your location. VPNs are used to protect privacy in countries where you have very low access to some content that is banned in that country. Where NetFlix is blocked, VPNs plays important role over there. Your location is cloaked by redirecting the IP routers device setting.  As VPNs are constantly blocked by NetFlix, there are many who are working hard to come up with gaining access in it.
How to Sign Up and use VPN:
It is really and relatively easy to sign up on any VPN, you really don`t have to understand all the technology working behind it, all you need to follow the set of instructions and it takes only few minutes. Let us show you few steps:
  • Sign up with your VPN account which offers several plans starting from very low rates such as $3 / month.
  • Follow instructions to setup service on your favorite device. Apps are available for nearly all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Chrome, Android and etc.
  • In location section, just remember to select United States as country.
  • Here you go; you have gained access wide variety of content provided by NetFlix. With any VPN you can gain access to streaming videos, games and apps that are blocked in your country.
Blockage of NetFlix:
Few are the countries where NetFlix is banned such as Syria, China, North Korea and Crimea. You just have an account that is not signed up in these countries in order to watch NetFlix there.
VPNs for NetFlix:
Express VPN
The best service to unblock is Express VPN which gives you access to its large library. It is recommended by us every time we mention it for any issue and never have complaint about it.
Buffered VPN
If you are in a place where you can`t gain access in Netflix, Buffered VPN take place for your issue with little of all the perks they have in good amount of money.
Hide My Ass
Well not on the top notch of the VPNs list, they have feature to access Netflix but not comparable to Express VPN which deserves the 1st place in all VPN providers to gain access in NetFlix. However, connection speed is fast and often goes in and out at the most moments. 


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