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Based on our Selection Criteria, we have listed top CHINA VPN Service Provider. Go check them out and grab the one which best suits your needs.
VPN Service is the only reliable way to bypass all those strict firewalls in China. In China, PPTP and L2TP Protocol have stability issues and were reported blocked earlier in some cities of China. Top China VPN's list will have most of everything you require to protect yourself and your surfing capabilities. 

Rank Provider Price As Low As Overall Rating More Info
HideMyass VPN Review
$6.56 Visit Site
PIA VPN Review
$6.95 Visit Site
PureVPN Review
$9.95 Visit Site
Express VPN Review 2016
$12.95 Visit Site
IPvanish VPN Review 2016
$10 Visit Site

Best VPN for China

China is the world largest country having population over 1.365 Billion and growing since its birth. China has so much control over everything that they have installed local industry and starting to develop everything from pins to fighter aircraft. They also have control over internet and really not likely to allow their masses to see past through censorship they laid.

Chinese government is very keen to minimize the expose of their masses to the outer world should be narrow. Chinese government is working on a project called GFW (Great Fire Wall) which is built to restrain internet freedom of their citizens. Using VPNs is the best way to penetrate the GFW (Great Fire Wall). Here we provide four best VPNs to break through this Great Fire Wall. Here we give you
some name for Best China VPN providers:

Express VPN:

ExpressVPN is an incredible VPN provider for a friendly and able VPN China service that is for evenly aimed at the potential user. It offers 24/7 customer support, with easy-to use but highly useful and practical apps for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and also for iOS. Conceivably best of all VPN Providers, when ExpressVPN says that it’s very generous 30-day guarantee is “no-spilt hair” and they mean it.

When you deem that ExpressVPN offers servers in 88 countries around the world, and that it tosses in a fully fledged DNS service for free, it is quite clear and logical why ExpressVPN is so popular around the world. China VPN users have even more reason to be satisfied and pleased, because the “stealth servers” that ExpressVPN installed out of Hong Kong are apparently very helpful at dodging the Great Firewall.

Additional Features of Express VPN:

Three connections at the same time, excellent and decent customer service plus free Smart DNS.

HideMyAss VPN:

Just like other VPN`s websites, HMA site is also blocked in china and for that reason you have to use VPN to sign up on their website. Once you made through sign up process, you are able to use HMA`s VPN client from China. It must be noted that HMA has few servers installed in China.

HMA servers in china really not help users from china to visit any blocked site there but those who are outside china and want to visit their local sites like YouKu video, they particularly need such VPN in China.

Pricing and Plans

HMA VPN offers 3 distinct rates which are extremely flexible and easy to avail, ranges from 1 to 12 month packages. All offers are infused with nice discount so you can enjoy anyone as per your pocket.

1 Month Package – Kick Ass
  • 9.99$ with amazing 13% save. Avail this if you want to check the quality of this amazing HMA VPN.
  • 6 Month Package – Half Ass
  • 6.67$ per month along with 42% discount – Ever heard anything before?

12 Month Package – Smart Ass
  • 4.99$ per month with amazing 57% discount, get this one and be a Smart Ass like everyone. This offer can be cancel at anytime you want to get rip off.
  • HMA offers four distinct Payment methods:
  • Credit Card, PayPal, Bit coin, Bank & Wire Transfer

IPVanish VPN

IP Vanish has now stepped up its service with other competitors. Not because they have improved speeds and accessibility level, but also dig zero logs policy which helps in gain client favor, which has made its security that extra step better than its competitors over the internet. Loaded with a Tier 1 network of VPNs with servers in 59 countries like the UK and in USA, they have multiple server locations to help deliver some of the best speeds. It’s one of only a few VPNs to VPNs service in more striking countries such as Egypt, Panama and China. Here in China it is also blocked like other VPN services; you need another VPN that helps you sign up on IP Vanish VPN. After sign, you can download their VPN client and use their service with features as mentioned in your membership plan.

IP Vanish Service has 3 simple plans to buy with minimum load on pocket.

  • One year subscription in just 54.59$, say $4.55 per month which save 63%
  • One month offer starting $7.00 that save up to 42%
  • Three months plan in just $18.89 saves you 48%

Total VPN:

This is relatively and fairly new VPN service in list of good VPN service providers with common and simple features and has servers in not a wide number of countries. Total VPN provides totally free account with number of restriction and really does not need a credit number to sign up, however, it can be upgraded in order to enjoy their more service which is not available in this free account.

Pricing for Total VPN

Zero Per Month with three locations, limited bandwidth, limited data transfer, one device connection and all protocols available.


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