How to install Netflix on Kodi

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  • January 12, 2018

Do you want to enjoy the Netflix at its best? If Yes, Kodi for sure  provides you with the most fascinating and exclusive limitless video streaming service.

If you are finding out how to watch Netflix on Kodi, for sure this is the right place for you. As this guide will deliver you all what you need to know about Kodi and Netflix and will also help you have the better understanding of NetfliXBMC a well-designed Kodi add-on that allows you to enjoy your favourite entertainment in the best manner ever.  And you will get to know how to Watch Kodi on Netflix.

For now you have an authentic and dynamic Kodi add-on delivering you what you exactly want and wish to enjoy on Netflix. You like Netflix and you like Kodi as well, and it’s time to put NetFlix on Kodi as combined and you will enjoy your topmost favourite videos on an easy-to-use interface and user-friendly Kodi interface.

Get ready to come across the easiest way of how to install Netflix on Kodi and how to watch Netflix on Kodi?


Kodi is considered to be the best when it comes to watching your topmost favourite shows online. This technology has been a renowned service and has made its benchmark by allowing users to livestream content from apps on demand service.

Kodi has now come up with the most dynamic Netflix addon, known as NetfliXBMC, that enables you to stream all your best-loved and special movies and TV shows on the world’s most popular media center.

Kodi was introduced in 2002 and after that it became so popular that it became the Xbox Media Center, which was remained until 2014. And now Kodi deliver you with the access to streaming online your favorite content., which includes almost everything you desire and wish to watch or enjoy such as movies, music and a lot more than you can expect. As it’s not so easy and quick process to watch Netflix on so you will get to know and easy and step by step process of how to watch Netflix on Kodi.

And more importantly Kodi is also compatible with almost every major system and across hundreds of devices including (TV. Laptop, Phone and Tablet).

And when it comes to Netflix add on dedicated by Kodi, NetfliXBMC is just simple and user friendly. And the best part is that it gives you complete freedom while accessing to Netflix content.

You don’t have to worry about restricted content now as NetfliXBMC is here to provide you with the world’s best online streaming Netflix with no restrictions at all.

Netflix is widely considered to be the best service and a winning platform for streaming video wars. Kodi comes with its own user interface that works with both local and network storage services you’re already using. And it also allows you to store your favourite programming in the service.

Kodi and Netflix are considered to be the best combination when it comes to enjoying your very favourite, limitless and high quality TV shows, Movies and unrestricted content you wish to enjoy.

Kodi was particularly designed for the most dynamic and exclusive home entertainment. Kodi offers you the clean and clear categorization of TV programs, movies and sports.

On the Whole, Kodi is for surely the best combination for Netflix.

Here we go, How to watch Netflix on Kodi. Finally you are going to be familiar with the question of how to watch Netflix on Kodi so that you can enjoy all your favourite shows and all that entertainment that always wish to enjoy is now possible.

Watch Netflix on Kodi by bringing PureVPN into use. Yes, you can enjoy Netflix on Kodi with PureVPN.

PureVPN allows you to experience Netflix on Kodi as never before.

PureVPN is what you all need to watch and enjoy Netflix on Kodi. PureVPN is what allows you to have an access to internet and use it anonymously.

PureVPN is what you all need to use internet independently and freely with no limits at all. It gives you freedom while accessing internet so that you can enjoy internet at its best. With help of PureVPN internet can be surfed as you want and the way you want. And what PureVPN hides you real IP address and it is wrapped with a US one and this is how you can have access to Netflix on Kodi from outside the US with no complication at all.

PureVPN is your ideal solution if you want to have complete access to Netflix and want to watch Netflix on Kodi. because it provides with all the essential characteristics you look for while using internet.

PureVPN also features lots other advantages along with full access on internet. As it unblocks all blocked sites that you would like have access to. And more importantly your identity is hidden. Your personal information such as Email ids, passwords and other confidential information is also secured while using PureVPN.

It endows you with the access to 80,000+ IPs that you can go synonyms over internet.

Step by step guide to watch Netflix on Kodi.

  1. Sign up for PureVPN.
  2. Download and install PureVPN app for Kodi.
  3. Connect to the US server for fastest streaming experience.
  4. Enjoy Kodi Netflix on your favourite device with PureVPN.

Significant aspect of Kodi add-on is that it gives you instant access to all the exclusive series of Netflix along with other content as well.

For you to enjoy online amazing Netflix Video streaming is not easy due to digital hurdles positioned into it and so you can’t enjoy your hot favourite TV  Shows, Movies from anywhere outside.

But when it comes to using Kodi into use, for sure it’s possible for you to have greater access to Netflix and to enjoy it in the best manner. And regardless of any location by just using Kodi vpn you can get access to all the amazing home entertainment that you crazily wish to watch. And Kodi allows you to have to access US Netflix on Kodi.

Netflix :

Netflix is a renowned global household name among the other  world’s top streaming channels such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and a lot more. But Netflix is considered to be the most dynamic and exclusive video streaming platform among all. It is so renowned that its services are available in 190 countries.

But due to its strict licensing policies and copyright, you will not be able to watch or have access to the US content if you reside outside the US. That’s why you need a reliable and trustworthy vpn and PureVPN caters all your need to have great access to Netflix and to watch Netflix on Kodi as well.

Installing Netflix Add-on for Kodi on Windows:

Step by step easy guide.

  1. First download the alelec repository.
  2. From Kodi’s home screen, click on Add-Ons
  3. Click on Package Installer and select from zip file.
  4. Select and unzip the alelec repository, zip file,
  5. Return the Add ons menu, then go to Install from repository > alelec Kodi repo> Video Add-ons, Double Click on NetfliXBMC to install the Netflix add on.
  6. Go back to the Kodi Home Screen, then go to the Video> Add-Ons> NetfliXBMC
  7. And that’s it, you will see a pop up window for you Netflix Login, just enter your username and password to enjoy Netflix on Kodi.

How to setup Netflix Kodi Android

Following are the steps that help you setup Netflix Kodi Android with ease. If you want to enjoy and install Kodi Netflix on Kodi Android.

  1. First you need to download the Kodi app from Google Play store.
  2. Launch the Kodi app and download the Alelec repository
  3. Select Add-ons from the home screen
  4. You will see the package installer on the top-left corner of the app
  5. And then click on the install from zip file and select the Alelec repository file
  6. Go back to the Add-Ons once unzipped it,  then select install from repository.
  7. Then click on alelec Kodi repo and then go to Video Add-Ons
  8. In the video Add-Ons screen and then double click NetfliXBMC to install the add-Ons
  9. Now go back to the home screen and go to the video
  10. Then add on and open NetFliXBMC to enjoy Netflix on Kodi

Installing NetFlix on Firestick Kodi

Before you install Netflix on Firestick Kodi, you first have to install Kodi on Fire TV.

Following are the easy steps to be taken to install and enjoy Netflix on Kodi for Firestick.

1). First of all Plug the Firestick into your TV and go to Settings.

2). Then Go to Systems and then Developer Options.

3). Now enable all the three options: 1) ADB debugging, 2) USB debugging. 3) Apps from Unknown Sources.

4). Now go back to the home screen and type ES Explorer in the Search Box.

5). Select ES Explorer and click Download.

6). Now open ES Explorer, select the Favorite tab and click Add.

7). A small window will pop up with two fields: Path and Name.

8). Type http://fireunleashed.com/as in the Path field and type Fire in the Name field. Click Add.
Return to the Favorite tab.

9). Select Fire and then go to Click Here to Install AppStarter.

10). Once it is downloaded, press Select on your remote and go to Open File.

11). Select AppStarter APK to install. Make sure you run the standard setup.

12). Once the setup is finished, click Open.


Netflix is considered to be the sought-after online video streaming for all the video and entertainment lovers. And Kodi add on NetfliXBMC is the best choice for enjoying Netflix video and movies. And a vpn is the best tool to have access to Netflix at its best.

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